Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beige Box Friends

Wow, long time no post to this blog. I think everyone gets caught up in life and forgets to be thankful out loud sometimes.

Today while surfing blogs, ones I hadn't in a long time because well, life got in the way, I realized how open and honest some people are in the blogging lives. How much people lay on the table, kind of naked and wounded for those to read and see. I am thankful and humbled by how much people share with me. All the babies, all the broken hearts, the ups and downs of life come streaming through my monitor and help me know that I am not alone in my sorrow or my happiness.

Through blogging, I have met many wonderful people, welcomed many wonderful babies and found people who didn't make me feel as insane as the people in my real life have. I have got to live in other people shoes, seen new point of views. I have even gotten to teach little lessons myself. It's kind of a cool world, this internet thing. Scary and cool all balled up into one.

Goodness, I am thank for the beige box friends.