Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank you

Thank you to Canape for starting this blog, and for giving me the opportunity to contribute. I have been realizing lately how easy it is to complain about little things (the temperature in the office, the traffic, the stressful events at work) -- but that the great things in life are often taken for granted. I look forward to using this space to truly express my appreciation for all of the blessings I have in life.

Today I am extremely grateful that I had a chance to spend time with one of my best friends last night. She's been very busy in the last several months, so I haven't been able to see her much. Her husband arranged a surprise birthday party for her -- and the look on her face when she saw her friends and family gathered was priceless. I'm so glad I could be there to help her celebrate her birthday.

Good friends are worth their weight in gold. I never take a true friendship for granted -- it's a rare and special thing.