Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Celebrations now and to come

Momma went for her 3 month check up at the oncologist yesterday. Life is a 3 month cycle for her now. The first 2 months are fairly worry free, and then it is time to go back for blood work and scans. And possibly she feels some twinges in her abdomen. Or her energy level is waning. Or she just feels off.

The week or two leading up to that oncologist visit are not fun. We just want to go ahead and get answers. What is her ca125? What do her scans look like? But she has to wait for that appointment, which is typically about 10 days to 2 weeks after all the lab work.

Seeing as how my brother answered his phone yesterday by skipping the traditional "hello" and just telling me that they were in Shoney's listening to the love song of me and my high school boyfriend ("The Flame" by Cheap Trick, of course), I figured there was probably good news.

Her ca125 is 15. Her scans are clear as a bell. They were celebrating at the best restaurant they could in that tiny town.

Hang in there, Whymommy. These are the visits you have to look forward to. Good news followed by hot fudge brownie sundaes.


K said...

Good luck with everything. Going through the same type of thing with my dad.

Pavel said...

Hi! Just swinging by from "Dorky Dad" and the delicious pic of the hot fudge brownie captured my attention; deserts tend to do that for me (smile.)

I hope nothing but good news for whymommy.

Tracy said...

I would love for you to send me the button-code!!!
I'm glad that I could help out in some small way...I never heard of IBC until Whymommy.I figured if I never heard of it, there has to be others who never heard of it as well!! Just thought I'd do my part by spreading the education & informing others!
My thoughts & prayers always!!!

Gary said...

Had exactly the same thing with my old mum 20 years ago except her visits were six monthly and I had to take her to the appointments as my dad couldn't bring himself to do it - he was more nervous than her every time.

I still remember the relief in the car on the drive's home, thanks for reminding me, those were good times.

And good luck for the next test for your mom, and the next, and the next...etc,etc,etc